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We empower brands by connecting them with the marketing opportunities they deserve and with professional content creators and influencers in Africa and the African Diaspora.

We are a data-driven organisation with a deep knowledge of analytics and audience insights, which sets us apart from competitors who rely on reach, followers and vanity metrics.

Our delivery-focused team comprises top-tier consultants, digital marketing strategists and purveyors of engaging campaigns equipped with a proprietary method that enables us to deploy powerful campaigns that deliver solid returns on investment for our clients.

We are considered a trusted delivery partner, a "safe pair of hands” and the go-to organisation for outcomes-focused brands, influencers, agencies and creatives.

Camilla Saeller

Talent Manager
Camilla Saeller
AFCAR Media Group

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Are you excited about the idea of working with global brands to reach their marketing goals? Are you serious and passionate about the content you create and the business of influencer marketing? If the answer to these questions is yes and you live in or have a connection with Africa and the Caribbean, are motivated, professional, ambitious and have an engaged following on social media? Then let’s have a chat about taking your career to the next level

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