AFCAR Media Group is the premier agency for African and Caribbean influencers at home and in the diaspora. We love, live and breathe digital and influencer marketing and set up to inject structure, organisation and professionalism into what may at times be a very fluid and duanting area.
AFCAR Media Group provides excellent promotional services to influencers who are serious about the business of working with brands. Our management services offer hand-picked influencers the opportunity to work on brand deals with exciting global brands as well as additional legal, compliance, commercial and creative support services that allow them to focus on what counts – which is to develop, grow and monetise their hard work. In addition, our international community of influencers provide further opportunities for support, support of training, mentoring and collaborative opportunities.
Borders are mainly in the mind. In this globalised and online marketplace, we seek to connect brands to an international pool of quality influencers who can help launch and promote product and services globally. Research indicates that influencers of African and Caribbean heritage tend to be over-represented in mainstream advertising campaigns and African and Caribbean brands find it challenging to break into forgeign markets. We solve this issue by connecting AFCAR influencers with Home-grown brand sto create a win-win situation where AFCAR influencers can win more brand deals and AFRCAR brands can break into foreign markets.
Not all numbers are equal. We professionals who use best in class tools and our proprietary methodology to make data-driven decisions to help businesses find and work with the best influencers in Africa, The Caribbean and the diaspora for their campaigns to generate solid returns on investment. We educate brands on how best to maximise results and get the most value from campaigns. We believe in attaining win-win results and offer a unique and flexible billing model that ensures highly competitive ACOS levels on campaigns and promotions.
Finding on-going and reliable leads in challenging. We work with creative professional to connect and work with professional influencers and provide promotional services that help service provider discovery metrics.